Coney Island Party!


Coney Island Party!

Welcome to our monthly surreal and strange sideshow of fairground follies,
rock ‘n’ roll dancing and freak show craziness!

Inspired by the kookiest car-crash beach resort that is
Coney Island N.Y.
There’s nothing quite like it!

Roll up ladies and gentlemen for a show that will amaze and dazzle!
Expect a seashore sideshow of the unexpected….

Salut Les Copines
Shake Baby Shake!

Limbo Contest
How low can you go?
airground Games
Play your little hearts out… For Free!
Plus all the usual hi-jinks and
Great Music
Get giddy and dance the night away as

Resident DJs
spin a wonder wheel of 50s rock ‘n’ roll, 60s French pop, cumbia, latin rhythms, swing, shuffle and slide!

Above all else,
stay hungry for…
the world famous Coney Island
Hot Dog Eating Contest
at midnight
How many can you eat in 5 minutes?