Danny Olson Embarks On A New Journey With “Waking Up”

Danny Olson Embarks On A New Journey With “Waking Up”

Composer/Producer Danny Olson is back with another emotional anthem. “Waking Up” kicks off a big new project from the Santa Monica creative and features the incredibly talented Becca Krueger. Released on Seeking Blue, this original is the first single from the upcoming Firelight EP.

“Waking Up” sees Danny’s cinematic side shine bright with soaring synths and a highly invigorating production. Becca’s performance is a huge highlight as she embodies the rich emotion of the song’s inspiration, which stemmed from the moments of relief that come during times of distress. Danny Olson’s father tragically passed away last year, throwing him into a non-linear journey of complex feelings. This project is highlighting his experience and celebrating Danny’s dad who left behind many positive memories.



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