Son Of 8 - Dark Love


Son Of 8 - Dark Love

Son of 8 return to 8 House Records with ‘Dark Love’

Now with 6 months’ worth of releases under their belts, 8 House Records are well and truly gaining momentum. They are smashing out an onslaught of underground house tracks with some of the most in-demand names in business on a weekly basis. Big chunky backbeats, groovy basslines and instantly memorable melodic hooks have formed the crux of their sound, and their latest project is no exception. Label owners Son of 8 return to their own imprint, after just performing at Eden’s opening party and announcing big summer shows at Creamfields and more. ‘Dark Love’ is the perfect weapon to bring out at the after parties – packed with explosive bass and lethal drops throughout, you’ll be hearing this one a lot more often in no time. 

Descending into darker techno sounds, Son of 8 work with a more industrial tone this time, as they commented:

“Dark Love’ came about after a long sequence of commercial style tracks that we'd made and we were desperate to make an underground club track. We've played this continuously in our sets since and it works a treat every time.”

The warehouse-worthy kickdrum layers the track up from the word ‘go.’ Energy levels are through the roof with two vocal hooks that lift the melodies into an earthquake of a drop, not to mention the experimental synth patterns that add even more eeriness to the techno vibes. ‘Dark Love’ has some of the heaviest production we’ve heard from Son of 8 to date. Demonstrating their ability to dip in and out of genres by working with different production techniques, they said:

“We mainly only used cut up vocals infused with countless effects, delays and reverbs. One of the instruments we used was from Outputs new range of FX units called Movement. That machine is a work of art and completely transforms the simplest of sounds into something unrecognisable from the original sample.”

8 House Records are having absolutely no trouble providing some of the freshest house and techno around on their imprint. ‘Dark Love’ takes things to another level yet again, and as they’re only 9 releases into their campaign, who knows what’s round the corner.
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