Dave Clarke Presents Whip It: A new Electro club night at Melkweg


Dave Clarke Presents Whip It: A new Electro club night at Melkweg

Expect the unexpected with the grand baron of techno, Mister Dave Clarke. The renowned dj and producer is an ever expanding encyclopedia on everything dance related, with ‘Whip It’ being one of his most recent endeavors. The new electro club night is the only one of its kind in the Dutch dance scene and to get the clubbers dancing, Clarke has whipped up a line-up that’ll have electro music lovers cheering. You can expect Dave Clarke himself, as well as a live set by Detroit-based breakbeat-electro-funkduo Aux88, Dj Stingray 313 and Sonic Boom resident** Brutuzz**!

When a music connoisseur thinks of the name 'Whip It' it might serve as an indicator of what to expect: it's also the title of the famous song from new wave / synthpop band Devo. Whip It is a nod to the song, but also a reference to the snare drum in electro.

As the curator of the 22Tracks electro-channel and as responsible for the groundbreaking 'Electric Boogie' compilation albums, Dave Clarke has always been a pioneer in the world of a genre that has always been rougher than its counterparts.

Says Dave: "Techno is in comparison much more about hedonism. With electric you have to deal more effectively with song structures and have a much more focused bass. Clubbers on electro nights should be more experienced and feeling with a darker sound that has a rich heritage."

On the night, the baron himself will make play a special electro set, but how about AUX88? The Detroit duo has been around since 1993 and has ever since been fixed value within the scene.Their sound is famous; the typical Motor City sound but with a more breakbeat electro-funk feel.Songs like "Play It Loud" and "Break It Down" absolute, bass-heavy bangers that will set the floor ablaze. For Whip It, the duo will do a live set.

And then there's Sherard Ingram AKA half of Urban Tribe AKA DJ Stingray 313. The DJ who rarely without balaclava or other type of mask is seen, but it has always been one of electro's supporting forces. His nickname he got from the legendary James Stinson electro-act Drexciya when Ingram joined the collective on tour. But it is his debut album 'The Collapse Of Modern Culture' at the famous Mo'Wax label that still made the most impression. On the plate Stingray is working with include Anthony Shakir, Moody Mann and Carl Craig and demanding from Detroit succeeded to mix beats with socially critical lyrics. An exceptionally good performance.

And finally, there is a galaxy's more familiar faces to the line-up finish. Sonic Boom resident Brutuzz will do an electro set and thus goes back to his roots as techno and electro bass DJ.

Prior to the clubnight the documentary 'AUX 88: Portrait of an electronic band' will be screened, with a special Q&A with AUX 88 and Dave Clarke by DJ Broadcast editor Eelco Couvreur. More info here: http://on.fb.me/1TxZ4wO

Whip It
Friday, February 26
Melkweg Amsterdam (Old Hall)
Doors: 23:00
Presale: € 19
Tickets: http://www.melkweg.nl/en/20766