DBRIDGE / CLARITY ‘Infinite’ LP + ENA ‘Binaural’ LP Launch


DBRIDGE / CLARITY ‘Infinite’ LP + ENA ‘Binaural’ LP Launch

Samurai Music is back in London after a successful debut event in June at Plan B launching the Tokyo Prose ‘Presence’ LP. This time we step things up a notch by launching 2 new LP’s in one night and bringing our Samurai Horo label in to take over the basement. The Clarity debut LP ‘Infinite’ will be unleashed first at this London event with one of the strongest lineups we could put together. Ena joins us direct from Japan to launch his ‘Binaural’ LP for Samurai Horo in the basement and will be joined by like minded selectors using the room to stretch perceptions of what 170 bpm rooted music can sound like.
Clarity is renowned for his ability to sculpt intense dance-floor tools, and ‘Infinite’ contains no shortage of these tracks but the LP is by no means a variation on his most noted theme. ‘Infinite’ lives up to it’s promise, a confident signpost at the very pinnacle of progressive Drum and Bass music by a 20 year old producer who seems to have a musical maturity few artists in this genre achieve in their entire careers. ‘Infinite’ also now begs the question, where to from here… Clarity will be showcasing ‘Infinite’ exclusively at Plan B
Watch this space for Clarity’s ‘Infinite’ stream and album info… Coming soon!
In the meantime Check out Clarity’s ‘Hells Gate’ EP out on Samurai Music on the 29th September:


‘Binaural’ was compiled from a seemingly endless flow of new music from Ena’s studio. With inspiration for the project firmly installed, sessions were shaped into a thrilling body of work and music that laughs defiantly in the face of genre categorisation.

Resident Advisor LP announcement http:// www.residentadvisor.net/news.aspx?id=26198
Plan B – London
418 Brixton Road, SW9 7AY London,
United Kingdom
Main Floor // Samurai Music

Clarity ‘Infinite’ LP Launch

Loxy b2b Presha
Paradox (live)
Ruffhouse b2b Overlook

————————– ————————– ————————– —–
Basement // Samurai Horo

Ena ‘Binaural’ LP Launch

Ancestral Voices (Live)
Adam Elemental
+ special guests