Dead Star Talk – ‘Solid State Chemicals’

Dead Star Talk – ‘Solid State Chemicals’

The dynamic and industry-defying band DEAD STAR TALK is set to revolutionise the music industry once again with the release of their highly anticipated second album, Solid State Chemicals’; This groundbreaking album dropped on May 31st 2024, and promises to be an unforgettable musical journey for fans worldwide. With a fusion of melodic guitar-driven anthems and experimental tracks, they continue to push the boundaries of rock music while championing fair treatment for artists in the industry.


In a bold move that challenges traditional distribution norms, DEAD STAR TALK has announced that ‘Solid State Chemicals’ will only be available on streaming platforms throughout the month of June 2024, with plans to be taken down in July 2024. However, fans need not worry, as permanent copies will be available in limited quantities on vinyl and as NFTs, along with downloads in music stores. FIND OUT MORE

DEAD STAR TALK’s eclectic lineup, featuring charismatic guitar-wielding singers Christian Buhl and Günes Kocak, along with the Copenhagen-born rhythm section Erik Jensen on bass guitar and Claus Nielsen on drums, reflects the band’s diverse origins and influences. Their fusion of cultures and musical styles creates a truly distinctive sound that captivates audiences worldwide. After their lockdown debut album, “Too Many Too Much,” was released in early 2022 to critical acclaim, the success of their debut elevated them to major festival stages, including Rolling Stone Beach and Reeperbahn Festival, fuelling the band’s aspirations for greater heights.

Produced, recorded, mixed, and mastered by the legendary Grammy-winning Metallica producer Flemming Rasmussen at his Sweet Silence Studios in Copenhagen, Denmark, ‘Solid State Chemicals’ showcases DEAD STAR TALK‘s evolution and sonic exploration. The album features a fusion of melodic guitar-driven anthems, reflective ballads, and experimental tracks that push the boundaries of traditional rock music. Featuring ten tracks that traverse a range of emotions and themes, from the anthemic ‘Good People?’ to the introspective ‘Jealous Dream’. The album’s title track, ‘Solid State Chemicals’ draws inspiration from the Pop Art movement, weaving deeper meaning into its catchy hooks and melodies.

In a candid statement, the band expressed their decision to limit the album’s availability on streaming platforms, citing concerns about the exploitation of artists by tech giants like Spotify. By encouraging fans to support them through downloads or vinyl purchases, DEAD STAR TALK is championing a fairer and more sustainable approach to music consumption. As they prepare to unleash their latest masterpiece upon the world, fans are invited to join them on this revolutionary journey. Whether streaming, downloading, or collecting limited edition vinyl and NFTs, every contribution supports the band’s vision and artistic integrity.



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