Paflo - Dealing With Diaries


Paflo - Dealing With Diaries

Cultured electronic label Freeride Millenium returns in association with Pauls Musique with a lush new EP from German friends Paflo, featuring fantastic original artwork by Daniel Rajcsanyi.

Paflo hail from Halle, near Leipzig, and have a creative background composing music for clerical causes in churches amongst other things! Together they are both involved in Joyfriend Records where they also release under their "more techno“ alias Odd Only. As well as this they have had outings on a number of labels including No Brainer Records and are “obsessed” with analog and vintage sounds, as well as the history of UK dance music.

Their first track is ‘Jungle Rave’ which is a spiritual deep house cut with rueful pads drifting over gentle drums. There are distant chants and loosely tumbling toms that bring that organic jungle feel and a real sense of humidity. It’s an intimate track for cosy dance floors.

‘flucti et blitzus’ layers indecipherable vocal loops with circling pads that drift up through the mix. The drums here are more upright and taught, yet there is still a nice romantic, pensive feel to the whole thing. It’s original in idea and stylish in execution. 

Last of all is the grinding, steppy synth work of ‘Rennbahn-X’. Wooden drums are warm and frayed, cosmic pads add scale but that central synth riff is what drives things along and brings a retro feel as one finger piano keys imbue the track with genuine pain.

These are three tasteful house tracks that manage to be groovy yet laden with cerebral musical elements that make them stand out from the crowd.


1. Jungle Rave
2. flucti et blitzus
3. Rennbahn-X 

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