Defiev – Setbacks


Defiev – Setbacks

ChillBeat Records have been steadily releasing huge tracks with the kind of ruthless regularity and efficiency that you wouldn’t normally associate with an independent label.  With an ethos that aims to give breakthrough producers the chance that bigger labels often overlook and their 50th release on the horizon, ChillBeat are back with another huge debut release – this time from Defiev.

Whilst not much is known about Defiev, his high-end production style certainly takes influence from a number of different genres – progressive, trance, electro…  The ‘Homeless’ label that he has coined in order to apply to his work might fit well when classifying online, but he has without a doubt found the perfect home in ChillBeat Records for the his debut track.  With a level of production that you’d normally expect from a veteran producer, now that it’s been released into the wild, Defiev’s first track on ChillBeat is understandable causing serious waves.

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