Deploy Gains Much Deserved Attention for New Single ‘Downtown’

Deploy Gains Much Deserved Attention for New Single ‘Downtown’

Starting off the year strong with new music primed for mass appeal, Deploy expands on his catalogue with ‘Downtown.’ This single is a bridge between euphoric electronica and energetic dancefloor filler that captivates across multiple genres. Deploy’s last two singles have brought alternative and indie listeners over to the realm of EDM with his remarkable sound, and this track is certain to bring him more fans.

In classic Deploy style, pulsating pads and airy vocals kick off the track before layered breaks coupled with a weighty 808 bring intensity on the drop. In a clever twist, melodic elements are interchanged for a thunderous and harmonically rich descending bassline. Deploy’s true talent shines as his command of Indie Rock, Liquid DnB and Electronica converge superbly within this track.

Deploy, aka Mark Cousins, is a multi-faceted Producer and Artist from the UK. With a musical background conceived in indie bands, he honed his songwriting and vocal talents towards his passion for electronic music. Over the last five years, Deploy has taken his productions from strength to strength securing releases on prestigious imprints Dread Recordings and Spearhead Records, and now to his own DTM Recordings. His exceptional and original brand of genre-blending music has captured the attention of Alternative and Indie crowds.

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