Devin Wild Releases 4-Track ‘ACID’ EP Via Scantraxx

Devin Wild Releases 4-Track ‘ACID’ EP Via Scantraxx

Devin Wild returns to the release radar with the highly-anticipated 4-track ‘ACID’ EP, serving as the established powerhouse’s fifth original production so far this year. It directly follows up 2021 hits such as ‘Blinded’ and ‘Broken’, as well as collaborative masterpieces like ‘Creature’ with KELTEK and Diandra Faye, and ‘Scream Louder’ with JDX and ANVY. Out now via Scantraxx Recordz, the ‘ACID’ EP is available to watch via a full video mix on YouTube, and can also be listened to across all streaming platforms.




Kicking things off, the titular track ‘ACID’ begins with an atmospherically entrancing, elongated soundscape that is paired perfectly alongside a heady narration. A high-pitched voice welcomes everyone to take part in an acid trip before fading out with each passing second. A rising tension slowly builds and grows with each passing second. The thumping bass enters the sonic space, and doesn’t ever let up. Relentlessly unyielding, the high octane offering is audibly replete with uncompromising production elements and a bass-centric ambiance throughout its entirety, a quintessential hardstyle rinser.


The vocal is introduced once again, and consistently guides the listener through their trippy listening experience with ease. ‘It’s Okay’ then boasts a glitchy, warbly flair in its beginning, before quickly picking up pace. The eventual hefty slew of bass drops are ruthlessly merciless, a signature Devin Wild staple. From start-to-finish, the second track on the EP showcases the renowned creative force’s remarkable versatility when producing music, a very impressive feat for any modern-day hardstyle musician.


The penultimate tune, ‘Hypernova’, takes the reins next. The narrator informs the audience that a new destination has been reached, and a fresh vocal then replaces it. For the first minute of the approximately four-minute endeavor, an intense, palpably raw energy can be heard. Periodically, the voice belts out “the wait is almost over”, and is often interchanged with “hypernova”, a prime addition to the monumental barrages of bass and plethora of stabbing drops.


After the hypernova, the story continues by letting the listener know they are now beyond physical form and thought, entering into eternity. Rounding out the EP, the anthemically euphoric ‘Eternity’ is characterized by rapturously enticing, hardstyle drops and serrated synths. A steady rhythm is effortlessly maintained by Wild, keeping the highly energetic flow of the previous three songs wholly intact. The outro follows and ends the ‘ACID’ EP on a positive note, one in which Devin Wild’s fans can now rest assured knowing that they have successfully completed their own trip courtesy of the stalwart’s 4-track sonic tour de force.


1.) Devin Wild – ACID
2.) Devin Wild – It’s Okay
3.) Devin Wild – Hypernova
4.) Devin Wild – Eternity


ABOUT DEVIN WILD — Dion Mons, known as Devin Wild, is an esteemed hardstyle DJ/producer hailing from The Netherlands. The Scantraxx Recordz mainstay bursted onto the electronic dance music scene in 2014 with his 3-track ‘Let’s Fight’ EP alongside Sub Zero Project. Over time he’s produced a significant amount of music, with each release serving as another great addition to his flourishing back-catalog. Wild’s acclaimed remix of Armin van Buuren’s hit ‘Wild Wild Son’ was also heavily supported on tour by the industry heavyweight, and was played at his Tomorrowland mainstage performance in 2019. Additionally, Wild has remixed tracks from some of the biggest names in hardstyle like Headhunterz and D-Block & S-te-Fan, and has also crafted anthems for major dance events throughout Holland such as The QontinentDreamfieldsWiSH Outdoor, and Emporium Festival. In April of this year, Wild performed at Club Index’s famous Autodisco drive-in concert, and the following month live-streamed a set via Scantraxx’s YouTube channel, which now sits at over 25k views via the platform.


Devin Wild’s ‘ACID’ EP is a rollercoaster of sound, rife with an unrelenting ferocity unlike any other. The DJ/producer’s 2021 singles ‘Blinded’, ‘Broken’, ‘Creature’, and ‘Scream Louder’ are now currently sitting at ​​over 2 million streams across all platforms, thereby setting an exciting precedent as for what to expect with the 4-track ‘ACID’ EP.



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