Wh0 - Devotion EP


Wh0 - Devotion EP

Decked in black masks and fearless in their studio execution, mysterious UK duo Wh0 are already seducing some of house music's biggest players… 

The unknown duo have been making waves in the House circuit, but they still remain a mystery. Making their hidden debut on Toolroom after their outing earlier this year on Toolroom Trax with 'Le Chant', we present the 'Devotion' EP. The perfect balance of Disco, House and Funk with this superb double-sided EP. We're holding on to the last of the sunshine and this is making us want to re-live those summer moments all over again. 

Packed with bundles of dance floor energy and with that hint of nostalgia, we expect this one will be BIG. 

But the question we're all still asking… Who is Wh0?