Digitaria – Night Falls Again


Digitaria – Night Falls Again

After producing two of the biggest singles on Hot Creations, Digitaria unleash a full–length studio album, ‘Night Falls Again’ on Jamie Jones’ admired imprint.  

The  duo  from  Brazil  live  by  the  philosophy  that  electronic  music  should  have  no boundaries, creativity  and  feelings  are  the  only  things  that  matter.  Their  free-spirited  natures  and  Latin American passion is funnelled into twelve distinct tracks on ‘Night Falls Again’, an album of pure electronic gold.  

There’s  no  denying  this is  music made for the  dancefloor. However it  incorporates an aura of mysticism,  a  romance  in  its  vocals  and  a  melancholy  in  its  soaring  synths.  Tracks  such  as ‘Favourite Addiction’ featuring Clarian and the solid grooves of ‘1000 Friends’ share an unbridled energy and are cleverly framed by seductive vocals flaunting lyrics that spark with the shimmer of pop  but  are  grounded  by  the  power  of  raw  electro.  This  is  music  that  tells  a  story,  one  that demands to be heard. 

Digitaria are Daniela Caldellas and Daniel Albinati, two Brazilians that came together a decade ago.  They  started  as  a  four-piece  band,  their  first  release  in  2006  on  German  label  Gigolo Records was relicensed to Ministry of Sound and led to their debut album on the label. Since then they have become  a duo, released a second album and have been non stop touring from Brazil  to  Russia,  from  Ibiza  to  Istanbul,  in  dreamlike  clubs,  parties  and  festivals  like  The Warehouse  Project, Paradise  at DC10, Creamfields, Lollapalooza,  Dream Valley,  D-Edge  and Warung.  

After a meeting with Jamie Jones in their hometown in 2011 they joined the roster of the Hot Creations label, releasing ‘Masochist’ and ‘Shine’ in 2012 and 2013 respectively. This introduced a  new audience to their unique blend of dancing beats, ethereal vocals, fat bass lines and deep emotional lyrics and set the wheels in motion for a relocation to Europe.  

Digitaria’s love of co-creation and pushing boundaries brought many collaborations to ‘Night Falls Again’  including Leeds  producer and fellow Hot  Creations talent,  Denney and Argentinian Shall Ocin. While the next single from the album, ‘Favourite Addiction´ features Clarian.  

‘Night  Falls  Again’  will  be  the  second  album  on  Hot  Creations  label.  The  imprint  has reached  forty  six  releases  and  unites  a  global  family  of  DJs  and  producers  fronted  by  the esteemed London based artist Jamie Jones, who has become one of the leading figures in the electronic  music  world.  For  Digitaria  this  release  marks  a  new  and  exciting  chapter  in  their history.