Diode Eins Lands on Purified Records with Cosmic Walk EP

Diode Eins Lands on Purified Records with Cosmic Walk EP

Following their stunning label debut Wind last year, German production outfit Diode Eins return to Purified Records with their scintillating two-track Cosmic Walk EP.

Demonstrating their pristine production abilities, the title track is an exploration across fluctuating instrumentation and sounds, providing the listener with a sonic escape. Capturing the essence of the trio’s mystical sound, Cosmic Walk fuses intricate drum patterns, melodic synths and atmospheric samples. Floating into ‘Aurora Drift’, Diode Eins combine reverberating bass, airy pads and undulating keys, resulting in yet another meticulously crafted slice of dance music from the innovative trio.In January 2019, three school friends from Neuss, Germany decided to follow their shared passion for electronic music and founded Diode Eins. Originally focusing on drum ‘n’ bass, Jannis, Julien and Jerome later discovered their passion for techno in all its forms. For the trio, the musical creative process has the character of a spiritual practice and is dedicated to connecting people through feelings. Be it in the studio, or on the dancefloor, it is all about evoking something in the listener and creating that indescribable energy that we all love so much about dance music. To achieve this, they are always exploring different sound worlds and always aim to deliver something new and unknown – not only in their tracks, but also in their energetic performances.



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