Dirtybird Campout Announces Debut Ganja Garden

Dirtybird Campout Announces Debut Ganja Garden

Eight years ago, house producer Claude VonStroke dreamt of an independent music festival that could cut through the mediocrity of corporate raving and foster a community of weirdos and dance heads looking for something more. The result was Dirtybird Campout – a wild and free playground for fans of all backgrounds, a place where creativity and positivity reign supreme, and a destination where you can come of age, again and again, every summer.

Now for the first time ever, that dream has taken on a whole new meaning with the addition of the Ganja Garden Presented by People’s Remedy. Throughout the weekend, campers will get the chance to experience a cannabis retail and consumption garden featuring flower, vaporizers, beverages, and edibles, along with a unique program of cannabis-focused activities. Ganja Garden will be a silly smoked-out edition to an already out-there weekender.

The Ganja Garden is Presented by People’s Remedy, who are the Central Valley’s first adult use and medical cannabis dispensary. Through People’s Remedy, campers will also enjoy 30% off their first purchase on either Thursday or Friday in the Ganja Garden as part of the “Early Bird Gets the Herb” promotion. The supporting partner for this area is JOSHWAX, a premium cannabis cultivator that grows veganic, biodynamic products without harsh chemicals.

In true Dirtybird Campout fashion, this programming will include a mix of games, prizes, music, and activities that provide even more entertainment to an already packed weekend. Attendees can compete for prizes in contests like Joint & Blunt Rolling, Bong Building, and coming up with the best Strain Names, along with taking part in Puff Puff Pass Debates where competitors get a pre-roll and have the length it takes to smoke it to win a debate.

If that wasn’t enough, Campers can also pitch their best idea during Highdeas, play a cannabis-themed game of Mafia during High Murder Mystery, and participate in a Dealer Dating Game where contestants need pick a ‘date’ with hidden ‘dealers’ behind the screen and guess what they’re selling. Additional highlights include Claude’s Favorite Movie with four selections of his choice throughout the weekend, the Official Dirtybird Pong Tournament, a Mycologist class with a mushroom expert, and more passive entertainment like Coloring Books, Kinetic Sand, Card Games, and Thinking Putty.

Music is also on the menu in the Ganja Garden, which will include Wake & Bake Beats from 10am-1pm on Friday-Sunday. This will include a Campout Comp B2B with Arnold & Lane, Kevin Knapp, and Luke Andy, along with sets from Benji Fink, Da Casa, Deron Delgado, DJ Sneak, Scavazza, Tiana Terese, ZOF, and Zora Monico.

Dirtybird Campout continues to prevail as the best boutique music festival in the world, where both the uninitiated and veterans merge on the dancefloor and games field alike to get down like it’s the last party on earth. The eighth edition of the annual summer camp for wannabe grownups takes place at the Modesto Reservoir Campgrounds in Central California from October 7th – 9th.

On the main music lineup, Campers can look forward to sets from the Green Velvet and Claude VonStroke super-group Get Real, legendary jungle/drum & bass producer Goldie, West Coast bass innovator Eprom, boundary pushing Iranian-Dutch singer Sevdaliza, Claude VonStroke’s Barclay Crenshaw alias, cutting-edge beatmaker and songwriter Mr. Carmack, and revered German producer Steve Bug. Additional highlights include Irish house, techno and rave sensation Rebūke, fashionable twin-sister production duo Coco & Breezy, fan favorite VNSSA, standout producer and audio engineer Lubelski, London selector Ben UFO, beat-driven party starter Ardalan, vocal maven Nala, and more.

The Thursday Early-Arrival Pajama Party kicks off with a special set from house legends Derrick Carter, DJ Sneak, and Mark Farina all going back to back for a party that’s certain to kick off the weekend right. Claude VonStroke welcomes fans back to camp with the warmup set as well.

At Dirtybird Campout, the fun begins upon arrival, where attendees are grouped into Orange, Green, Purple and Red teams to compete all weekend in over 45 events for the now famed Ironbird trophy. Both artists and attendees face-off on the dodgeball court, try not to run in the speed walking challenge, swim for the finish in the .5km Floaty Race, test their strength in Tug O War and so much more, all in a quest for one color team to take home the glory.

Claude’s Cabin remains an outpost for the oddities that make Campout one of the most unique events in the world. Whimsical game shows and activities like Kat Fight Game Show, Lap Dance For Your Life, and The Great Bingo Revival have also been announced. This is in addition to activities like the Lovebirds Dating Show, Spelling Bee, Twerkaholicz Twerkshop, Bad Drag Show and 3 days of mid-morning Yoga. 

New this year will be the Lord Cunni Contest, a pie eating contest that will spiral into a “puss & pie eating contest” to be’ demonstrated on fruit and hosted by special drag king guests, onwards to Campers Court, where Campers will be assigned lawyers and can spell out their grievances from the Games Field in a theatrical court TV setting. Frick Frack Blackjack will continue to dominate the late night with outrageous anything-goes renegade ‘gambling’ in its own unique area. 

The venue of the Modesto Reservoir Campgrounds offer clear waters perfect for swimming, RV Hookups alongside the lake for picturesque views, lush trees, and most importantly – unlimited opportunity for adventure. Regularly cleaned showers and bathrooms are available everywhere for use in addition to plenty of fresh water locations in all festival areas to provide the best camping experience possible for attendees.

Get tickets to Dirtybird Campout on their website and join the tight-knit Dirtybird family on the lakefront dancefloors of the Modesto Reservoir Campgrounds this October 7-9.

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