DJ ABYSS releases new magical remixes on

DJ ABYSS releases new magical remixes on

After the Berlin producer DJ Abyss made excursions into musical realms that are less familiar to us on his album “Into The Abyss”, which was just released at the end of 2022, he returns with a new house production that he is well known for. Before the EP with the original track is released in January, here is the “Miller Progressive Extension”, a progressive, trancy version of the song.

Abyss is DJ since 1991 and shaped the electronic music scene of Germany in the 90s and early 2000s with his innovative ideas and new sounds. He was born in Frankfurt (Oder) but moved to Berlin 1995 becoming more and more famous. 1994 he was listed as one of the top 10 most popular German DJs and despite Hardy Hard alias DJ Hardsequencer from Dresden one of the only East German DJs that gained international popularity and recognition.

DJ Abyss recognized the potential of electronic music very early and was 1991 co- founder of the first East German techno club KamithHall in Frankfurt (Oder). From 1993 to 1994 he worked as an organizer in the Berlin club Walfisch and Praxis Dr. McCoy until he opened the Margin also located in Frankfurt (Oder). After the lease for his club in Frankfurt (Oder) expired he opende a location in Guben called Club Marginal Frontier. Parallel he pushed his DJ career by becoming resident DJ in the famous Berlin club tresor. Since 1996 he played regularly at Berlin’s Matrix, Sternradio and Casino, after 1998 fortnightly at Berlin’s Sage Club. Since 1998 DJ Abyss increased his work as a producer and the spend more time in the studio.

He produced an album in collaboartion with the Berlin DJ Jay Ray and published the first single of it in 1999 on the MFS lable. 1999 Abyss shifted the focus more on his solo careers and founded his onwn lables. Strike recors in 1999 and 2001 the lable Alternate. Also in 2001 he revived Grooves lables, which was originally founded back in 1991 when Abyss just started his career.

To remind the 10th anniversary of Ten Dance in 2002, DJ Abyss published an live mix from his performance in the legendary Berlin club Sage from the 12th december 2001. Another project was the best of Ten Dance CD compilation from 2001 with 7 maxi singles, from disco-house to detroit techno. Showing his versatility and creativity.



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