Kon Cept ft. Vegas - Doin’ it


Kon Cept ft. Vegas - Doin’ it

Kon Cept is a producer, remixer and DJ. Following his last Dance Chart success, the multi-talented artist returns with this original composition, “Doin’ It” featuring Vegas, the urban pop music band.

Inspired by his various tastes in music, Kon Cept has written and produced a mainstream dance song which now hits the clubs across the UK and Europe. In addition to the original version of the track, three other mixes have also been produced to satisfy different musical trends and tastes.

Kon Cept has already collaborated with many renowned artists in the music industry with remarkable success. As a DJ, Kon Cept has been playing in some of the biggest venues across Europe and the Middle East, including Germany, France, Italy, Spain, Greece, Beirut & Dubai, where he regularly packs out his nights to thousands of clubbers!

His last three releases, the club smash hit “Dirty Talk”, the well-received “Non Stop” and “You Give Love a Bad Name” are still being played in some of the biggest clubs across the European dance arena.  It has given Kon Cept a wider public acceptance, plus a huge following and a unique insight into his capability both as an artist and DJ.