Don Cartel – Clap your hands

Don Cartel – Clap your hands

Don Cartel strikes back with his brand new release on his own imprint Bogota Recordings.

Influenced by many genres, the track ‘Clap Your Hands’ contains that typical Club/Festival feel that makes u wanna dance for sure.

Kicking off with pounding beats and distorted 808’s with on top some raw underground vocals, it will immediately get’s your attention.
No time to rest when the break starts playing catchy melodies with powerful synths so u know that ‘Raise your hands up in the air’ moment has arrived.
Blend and shake the screaming synths, powerful basslines and distorted 808’s kicks.  You get a hard-hitting drop that brings you mayhem to the dance floor.

‘Don Cartel – Clap Your Hands’ is out NOW on Bogota Recordings.

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