Robosonic ft. Son Little - Drowning (Remixes)


Robosonic ft. Son Little - Drowning (Remixes)

Robosonic and Son Little delivered an absolute bomb last year with ‘Drowning’, a deep house burner with the vocal fire of Son Little.

Now it’s back with a few new sounds from Djuma Soundsystem, Cord Labuhn & Jansen, Chi Thanh and The Cheapers.

The EP starts with Djuma Soundsystem and his deliciously minimal remix – he’s stripped the track down to the most powerful bits, creating a slow burning sensation.

Next is Cord Labuhn & Jansen’s rework, giving a little extra dose of drama via arrangement and a darker kick. Chi Thanh then adds percussion to create an organic, natural feel while the track delivers a playful bassline growling from below as it rises and takes control.

Shifting the focus to the arpeggios, The Cheapers create a smooth dub by reducing the track down while slowly revealing its secrets to dramatic effect.

And finally, what remix package would be complete without an original for reference? Yep, we included the original club mix too.

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