Exodus & Ivan Miranda - Drum and Beats


Exodus & Ivan Miranda - Drum and Beats

Fedde Le Grand’s Darklight Recordings has delivered formidable results on his pre-determined mission statement to bring through the elite of the next generation of world-crushing production talents on his personally overseen brand. The latest output of the project sees two of the dance music world’s most exciting future heroes come together for a premium slice of beats and bass that keeps the flag flying high for this impressive and dominant talent stable.

Exodus and Ivan Miranda as ever set the production bar tall with the jacked drums that intro the record with a dose of slick vinyl manipulation licks, grooved fills and high-pressure FX risers which collaborate to sound in the vocals and break. The electrified build-up gets switched out and flipped into the drops where a the production warps into a fully-fledged G-House inspired workout complete with profound bass notes, meditative chord synth waves and a throwback shuffle pattern that’s tailor made for the main room House crowd. The offbeat hats rip through the mix as Exodus and Ivan expertly grind the pitch up in tandem with the FX risers creating those blockbuster mini drops and slick transitions – the work of production masterminds that know how to turn humble elements into striking and highly enjoyable ear candy. What separates the cream from the masses is the ability to make the basics sound advanced and these two are a shining example of a lifetime devoted to their craft in producing high level electronic music

The infectious warped vocal lashings inject a crafty urban vibe into the production work, transforming the blatantly electronic elements into something more expressive, human-like and organic. Capturing the ethos of classic House records of the 80s and 90s whilst morphing elements straight out of 2018 makes ‘Drum and Beats’ a modern weapon of choice that was already getting hammered in pre-release by the likes of Dannic, David Guetta, Fedde, Firebeatz, Morgan Page and now the rest of the scene as the release hits the stores.

Exodus and Ivan Miranda hold up alongside the best in the business when it comes to custom-made dance floor material and both are formidable producers aside from their collaboration. With a combined DJ support and collaboration history that reads more like the DJ Mag Top 100 announcement, both producers are far from new names to pretty much every established DJ that knows what’s good in dance music. Whether individually or combined, both minds are among the best that the current electronic music climate has to offer and are certain strongholds in the industry for years to come.

Darklight Recordings and imprint head-honcho Fedde Le Grand once again show off their industry-leading A&R work as they put their imprint on another heavyweight record that’s quickly spinning up to be one of the winter’s must-play beats. Keeping to their label promise of bringing on the best emerging producers in the business, the Darklight team has repeated their shimmering record of plucking out the tracks that are primed to be heavily rotated by the world’s most influential DJs. Exodus and Ivan Miranda are two of the most exciting emerging talents across the dance music spectrum and rightfully take their place alongside the label’s impeccable talent roster.

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