Yulio - Earth LP


Yulio - Earth LP

Yulio presents his third Album 'Earth' for the Barcelona based label Kraftoptical. For their 73rd record, the Chilean lets us see his mature musicality and stark experimental sound. With this LP we land in his planet ‘Earth’…

A varied collection of experimental ambient music, showcasing his unique talent for setting a bold scene. A journey in more than the usual sense this LP takes you to different places most effectively.

Out soon on Kraftoptical this is one you should not miss if you are into the more cerebral of electronic music. Here.

Release Track list:
1. Bosque sin fin
2. Earth
3. Paralelepipedo
5.Cambio Climatico
7.Escape Orbital
9.Tripulante 77
10.Torras & Bages
11. Nocturn
12.Lirios Espaciales