Echo 17th Birthday Boat Party


Echo 17th Birthday Boat Party

[Ek'o] An effect that continues after the original cause has disappeared… Ruling the waves since 1999

Echo returns on April 30th with its 17th Birthday boat party aboard the gorgeous Golden Jubilee. Two rooms of music and the best boat atmosphere on the Thames!

HOUSE RULES ROOM: Amy Alexandra / Funky G / M.Perce b2b Mark Mack / JustJamez / Kyle O'Sullivan / Snatcha with Lya on percussion

TRANCE & PROGRESSIVE ROOM: Jon Cockle / Rascal Van Russ / Dave King / Jason Feist / Craig Fowler / Alistair Godsmark

THE BOAT: We're aboard your favourite – the Golden Jubilee. Two floors of music, two bars, and a large sundeck.

THE PIER: The boat departs from (and returns to) Templer Pier, Victoria Embankment, London WC2R 2PN. The party starts at 4.45pm. We leave as soon as the boat is loaded. We return at 10.45pm.

OUR HISTORY: Echo is not advertised at all and has been built up solely by word of mouth recommendations. If you've heard about us, it was almost certainly by a friend of yours telling you what a great time they'd had. Our boat parties are an entirely different experience to club venues, with a special and unique atmosphere. This is something we have been carefully cultivating at Echo for the last 17 years – and we think you'll love the result.


Available from the Echo box office (with low booking fee) at:
As well as directly from all of the DJs and promotions team