EDMEA Records presents “Smash EP” by the talented producer Rayo

EDMEA Records presents “Smash EP” by the talented producer Rayo

“Smash EP” is a thrilling and dynamic techno release by the talented Italian producer and DJ, Rayo. Set to be released on July 14th, this highly anticipated EP will be available on Edmea Records.

Hailing from the outskirts of Florence, Luca Pantani, known as Rayo, showcases his profound passion for electronic music through this EP. Having honed his skills at the prestigious Tenax academy under the guidance of notable figures such as Alex Neri, Francesco Farfa, and Marco Faraone, Rayo quickly established himself as a promising artist. He began his journey in the local scene, crafting sets filled with infectious tech house and techno vibes.

Driven by his fascination for techno production, Rayo infuses the tracks on “Smash EP” with powerful kicks that reverberate through the listener’s core. Accompanied by an energetic fusion of synths and percussion, the EP creates a captivating atmosphere on the dancefloor. Rayo’s relentless dedication to his craft has earned him recognition, with his tracks released on esteemed record labels like Prospect Records, Phobic Recordings, Gain Record, and Mavic Music.

Rayo’s talent has garnered support from renowned artists in the industry, including Joseph Capriati, who showcased Rayo’s track “Smash” in San Francisco, California, and at Cocoricó nightclub in Riccione. Additionally, Trym featured Rayo’s track “Atmosphere” as the opening piece for his set at Spazio Novecento in Rome.

With “Smash EP,” Rayo solidifies his position as a rising force in the techno scene, offering a collection of tracks fueled by pulsating beats and captivating melodies.

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