Ten Words - Eighteen EP


Ten Words - Eighteen EP

After a break of ten years, UMM (Underground Music Movement) are straight back to business with the release of Ten Word’s ‘Eighteen’ EP consisting of four diverse and progressive tracks, all of which fully encompass the rich sound of this essential imprint.

With a controlled and focused entrance, the title track quickly blossoms into a heavily textured cut with plenty of echo. Dark and somber vocals pair with a heavy lingering bass to create a melancholy opening cut to this EP, which provokes raw emotion.

Offering a sharp contrast to the opening, Ten Words drops ‘Satellite.’ For what it lacks in broodiness it makes up for in energy and drive. Altogether more active, this cut plays off a running melodic riff, which is gently modified throughout to make use of it fully.

Cut No.3 comes as a remix from 10WS who throws the original up in the air, spins it around for a bit and then throws it on it’s head. Creating bass in abundance and blurring the lines between techno and trance with its repetitive melodic phrases, this 10WS remix of ‘Eighteen’ perfectly reflects the sound of the UMM imprint, a beastly track that could only be housed by an epic warehouse.

The final cut to the EP is an End to End rework of the title track, boasting percussive intricacies which are focused above a wobble bass. It fleets beautifully between fully layered driving percussion and more focused showcases of individual components. This is a fine start to the relaunch and only adds to the excitement of what is to come.

You can pick up a copy of Ten Words' latest here.https://www.beatport.com/release/eighteen-ep/1933680