Vince Watson - Elektrik


Vince Watson - Elektrik

Late March will see Vince Watson deliver ‘Elektrik’ via Astropolis Rec, accompanied by a remix from Madben.

Esteemed Techno producer Vince Watson has been a key figure in underground electronic music for over two decades now on labels such as Delsin, Planet E, Cocoon, Tresor and of course his very own Everysoul which just celebrated his twenty year standing with the ‘Introspection’ compilation, featuring edits of his retrospective back catalogue.

This time round we see Vince deliver his new single via the fledgling Astropolis Rec imprint in the shape of ‘Elektrik’, the original mix takes the lead and sees Watson deliver a typically energetic dance floor focused workout with modulating bass swells, emotive leads and a robust rhythmic drive.

Madben deliver his interpretation of ‘Elektrik’ next to close out the package, taking things in a more reserved direction via oscillating metallic percussion, crunchy drums and a slow blooming arpgeggio layered with snippets from the original’s airy atmospheric leads.

Vince Watson’s ‘Elektrik’ is out on Astropolis 20th March 2017.

1.    Elektrik
2.    Elektrik (Madben Remix)