Elliot Fitch unlocks new flavours with ‘Benin’

Elliot Fitch unlocks new flavours with ‘Benin’

The evolution of Elliot Fitch continues, unlocking international flavours for a West African-influenced banger. After mastering the art of disco seduction, he loads celebratory vocals, rubbery twangs and rapid drum fills onto kicking beats for a hot slice of house sunshine. The celebration of ‘Benin’s local funk/afro pop scene will cause heavy traffic when unveiled as the centrepiece of your evening’s entertainment: vibrant, colourful, kind of chaotic but joyfully so, Fitch’s loops, following the law of French touch with the same delicious results, bring everyone together and keep alive holiday season.

‘Benin’ is out now on Be Yourself Music, stream or download the track here: https://beyourselfplay.nl/bymds217.OPR


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