Oberst & Buchner - Emile EP


Oberst & Buchner - Emile EP

Oberst & Buchner are next up on Freeride Millenium and the two Bavaria born, Vienna based producers deliver an EP that offers their interpretation of what “modern summer togetherness sounds like.”

The talented pair started making music together aged 15 and aim to cook up emotionally driven jams. They do so on labels like Heimlich, Underyourskin Records, Schönbrunner Perlen, Lokd, and always get the juices going, as they do once again here. 

Beginning with the brilliant ‘Greg’ we dive into a breakbeat bath of summery chords as playful claves dance on the horizon. It is a melodically rich track with spiritual feelings that really bliss you out. 

On the moodier ‘Emile’ night time arrives and warm chords mix with jangling, organic glass and percussive tinkles that reflect rays of light. It’s a perfectly jazzy and loose number that really suspends you in a rueful place. 

Last but not least, ‘Embrace; is a fluid intergalactic convention with sparse drum kicks weighed down by sombre synths. A skittish, dubstep style groove then comes in and elevates the track with gentle guitar licks and slithering synths adding colour, and overall it has the same zoned out feel as a thousand-yard stare. 

This is a brilliant mood EP that mixes up the synthetic with the organic, creating some fascinating grooves as a result. The release once again features original artwork from the ever talented Daniel Rajcsanyi.

1. Greg
2. Emile
3. Embrace