Emma Hewitt x Nourey x Richard Durand – Collide

Emma Hewitt x Nourey x Richard Durand – Collide

If your brain doesn’t already have Emma Hewitt’s explosive new single ‘COLLIDE’ on infinite loop, well … there’s every chance it’s about to!

Emma continues working with her collaborators at the earliest opportunity on a multi-pronged release approach allowing her gorgeously understated singer/songwriter versions to co-exist alongside a diverse range of dance floor incarnations.

Having already unleashed the Original and X Ben Nicky versions in September, two new ‘COLLIDE’ visions hit with full force today, as the sublime, nostalgia-drenched song brings Nourey and Richard Durand into its fold.

Most recently seen remixing up a harmonic storm for BT’s ‘Where the Sun Meets the Sea’, Egyptian-born/Boston-based producer Nourey steers ‘COLLIDE’ down a more pensive, reflective, and progressively natured path. The bass deepens and its arrangement streamlines into something more linear and hypnotic, as they serve 7+ minutes of melodically flecked, piano-tinged majesty.

In one of those ‘why the hell hasn’t this happened sooner!?’ moments, the single also provides the debut opportunity for Emma and Richard Durand to join forces. Flipping the tonal script for maximum impact, the pair pull out all the stops to out-rock every other release on October’s floors. Tempos rise, the uplift hits rapturous and with strings that’ll have you kissing the sky, they deliver ‘COLLIDE’s dazzling dénouement.

Warming up the autumn, you can find Emma Hewitt X Nourey’s and Emma Hewitt X Richard Durand’s take on ‘COLLIDE’ here: https://blackhole.lnk.to/COLLIDERMX2


01: Emma Hewitt x Nourey – COLLIDE (Original Mix)
02: Emma Hewitt x Richard Durand – COLLIDE (Original Mix)
03: Emma Hewitt x Nourey – COLLIDE (Extended Mix)
04: Emma Hewitt x Richard Durand – COLLIDE (Extended Mix)






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