Scott Diaz - Endless Luminosity EP


Scott Diaz - Endless Luminosity EP

With the success of Set Me Free Remix for the Round Shaped Triangles on the label, being charted and played by many DJ’s all-over the world, it’s an honour to have a man who needs no introduction Scott Diaz back on the label with an original 3 track EP.

‘Endless Luminosity’ is a self-contained piece of artistry. Coupled with blaring synth based melodic patterns befitting the dance floor. The genius in Diaz’s stalling of the progressive feel in the track & rebuilding it with a breakdown & justly used vocal cuts.

The opening nostalgic stabs on ‘Pipe Dreams’, with bright hi-hats that move on to a gripping bass line, a Scott thing, to have you reminiscing of the warehouse days with a very, now touch. Blending well the sharp electric keys blends with the sonic weirdness as the track evolves.

The Philly based man proves how diverse & refreshing his approach to every track is. ‘Play On’, a smooth and soulful groove, with traces of all the prolific influences he has showcased in the past releases on many labels including Madhouse Records, Nervous, Soulfuric, Defected from jacked up house to garage.