Enigmatic musician Plain Mister Smith unveils new EP, New Wave Angst

Enigmatic musician Plain Mister Smith unveils new EP, New Wave Angst

The enigmatic Plain Mister Smith has unveiled a brand new EP, New Wave Angst, on the 22nd of February via Popoganda Records. This project, receiving support from notable tastemaker EARMILK, follows the release of three of its singles: ‘El Presidente’, ‘New Wave Sangfroid’ and ‘Grade Five and the Ax’. Plain Mister Smith continues to carve his own niche in the world of offbeat indie-folk with his witty songwriting while still managing to embrace the self-reflection and emotional lyrical themes the genre offers. Formerly the guitarist of the Canadian darkwave band Moev, the multi-talented artist now has his hands full as a cellist for the Vancouver Philharmonic Orchestra. Under the Plain Mister Smith moniker, his music has received publication support from CLASH Mag, NOTION Mag, Under The Radar Mag, EARMILK, NOCTIS Mag, METAL Mag and Atwood Mag among others.

Legend has it that Mark Jowett awoke one day to find himself face to face with a peculiar man in a pinstriped suit, whose globular head turned to meet his gaze. Unsure whether this figure was an apparition, an intruder, or a musical persona in ‘human’ form, Jowett was nonetheless intrigued. This mysterious encounter sparked the inception of his new venture – the creation of Plain Mister Smith. Geographically situated between Vancouver and London, this enigmatic musician is metaphorically transcendent. Maintaining an otherworldly presence in the public eye, the veiled virtuoso has quietly established a discreet space within the indie-pop realm.

New Wave Angst offers a panoply of genres and sounds that are sure to connect with fans of off-kilter indie folk rockers such as Neutral Milk Hotel, Sufjan Stevens, Elliot Smith and José González. From the wandering harmonies and acoustic 60’s psychedelia of ‘El Presidente’ (featuring vocals from Findlay Brown) to the new wave rhythms and sweeping synths colliding with acoustic atmospheres in ‘New Wave Sangfroid’, Plain Mister Smith’s atypical personality shines through in his varied arrangements, lilting vocal delivery and witty yet sincere lyrics. 

New Wave Angst EP Tracklist

  1. Run, Fly or Sail (Feat. Kitt)
  2. Grade five and the Ax (Feat. Findlay Brown)
  3. El Presidente (Feat. Findlay Brown)
  4. New Wave Sangfroid (Feat. Jordan Klassen)
  5. Trepidation



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