Rigo Avila - Entrance (Milad E Remix)


Rigo Avila - Entrance (Milad E Remix)

Newcastle Friends, the revered U.S label continues its consistent role of standout Trance cuts, this time seeing them present something very special indeed.

Taking centre stage is Milad E, as the Iranian producer remixes one of Newcastle Friends previous releases – the classic 'Entrance' by Rigo Avila, previously known as Suncoast. Retaining much of the Original's energy, yet delivering a dose of his own trademark sound – Milad E is no stranger to heavyweight support & in addition to releases across Enhanced Progressive, Elliptical Sun Recordings & Interplay Records, his productions have also seen plays across both A State of Trance Radio & Above & Beyond’s Group Therapy.

Stay tuned, as Milad E's remix of Rigo Avila's 'Entrance' blows up globally in the coming weeks. 


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