Eva Shaw Teams Up With Jazz Cartier And Kris The $pirit For New Single “Outside”

Eva Shaw Teams Up With Jazz Cartier And Kris The $pirit For New Single “Outside”

Following a string of releases leading up to her debut album rollout, producer Eva Shaw returns to the release radar with new single ‘Outside’ with Jazz Cartier and Kris The $pirit. The latest directly follows her recently released G-House collaboration with Dillanponders, ‘Juice’, and her March release ‘Midnight Strangers’ with Thouxanbanfauni and DB Bantino. Eva Shaw offers another glimpse of her debut album ‘SOLO’ with each boundary breaking single ahead of its release. ‘Outside’ is available across all streaming platforms via Shaw’s imprint Mad Fatti.

‘Outside’ serves to be another rousing addition to Eva Shaw’s multifarious discography. The track immediately kicks off with Kris The $pirit’s vocals, directly paired with a reverberating bassline with a hip-hip infused flair. The cohesive bass sounds and percussive elements continue for the duration of  the track topped with Jazz Cartier’s vocals at the halfway point. Kris The $pirit and Jazz Cartier’s bold lyricism and effortless flow carry on throughout the tune alongside Shaw’s pulsating production elements, transporting listeners to a fierce soundscape. Serving as an exceptional hop-hop hit, ‘Outside’, gives fans an exciting glimpse of the diversified music within the Multi-faceted DJ/producer’s upcoming debut album.

Continuing her musical journey, Eva Shaw’s debut album will break the boundaries that confine genre and showcase a unique sound that distinguishes herself from any other artist in the musical space. Her production techniques and unequivocal expertise position Shaw to deliver a sound that is entirely her own. Moving into a thrilling chapter of her artistic career, Shaw teases her upcoming album with ‘Outside’, leaving fans on the edge of their seat waiting for the ‘SOLO’ album release this coming May.



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