Elmar Strathe - EXISTED.live Remix Series


Elmar Strathe - EXISTED.live Remix Series

From A to I… Elmar Strathe presents 'EXISTED.live Remix Series'. Three years after his debut 'Living.LIFE', he is now ready for the next big drop. 2017 started with a firework full of new sounds, new artists and new impressions. 20 remixes divided in 9 parts, continuously released one after another, during 9 weeks.

Artists from 13 countries, living on 4 different continents, and 16 of them will join the 5D Records family for the first time. With each time one of Elmar's original mixes as a point of reference, the waving sounds get channeled by the remixers and lead us to their own interpretation of existing / living.

5D. Where creative theory becomes sound reality.

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