Experience Trance Magic: Markus Schulz and Sir Ivan Drop ‘Turn!Turn!Turn!

Experience Trance Magic: Markus Schulz and Sir Ivan Drop ‘Turn!Turn!Turn!

Legendary Electronic Music DJ Markus Schulz and the iconic Vocalist and Peace advocate Sir Ivan come together in collaboration for their brand-new project ‘Turn!Turn!Turn’: set for release through Markus Schulz’s own label, Coldharbour Recordings, this release is sure to turn heads, demanding attention through its reputable creators, captivating sound, and thrilling energy. As both Markus Schulz and Sir Ivan put forward their unique styles, combining their talents to create a powerful-sounding soundscape detailed with pounding beats and the emotive vocals of Sir Ivan, ‘Turn!Turn!Turn!’ comes as an uplifting Trance experience, reimagining The Byrds’ original to bring fresh life to the well-known 1965 classic.  

The stellar reputation of Markus Schulz within Electronic Music no doubt serves as a credit to his musical originality, talents, and innate abilities when it comes to offering listeners memorable sonic moments, both through his productions and electrifying DJ sets. As his popularity amongst genre lovers remains distinct proof of his prominent standing within the genre, having become a household name, appearing as a three-time recipient of the title, America’s Best DJ, from the DJ Times magazine, Markus Schulz comes to this new collaboration from the perspective of a powerhouse expert, bringing his high-quality skillset and respected position to the production.   

With ‘Turn!Turn!Turn!’ portraying messages of worldwide peace and love, the poignant content of the production no doubt encapsulates the signature approach of the ‘Peaceman’ himself, Sir Ivan. Having become known for his desire to spread meaning within his work, the Billboard Charting Artist has made his mark on Electronic Music through his hard-hitting releases and philanthropic endeavours, appearing as an influential asset as he donates profits from his projects to his own foundation, The Peaceman Foundation. Now, with this latest production, Sir Ivan aims to spread peace once again, joining in union with Markus Schulz to present a dancefloor-ready anthem that will take his message to listeners around the globe.  

As the driving arpeggiator, thumping beats, and dynamic bassline open ‘Turn!Turn!Turn!,’ Sir Ivan soon joins to add his inspiring vocals, incorporating different layers to emphasise lyrical meaning and elevate the immersive sonic experience of the track further. With an energetic lead, punchy underlying synths, intensifying rhythms, and pulsing pads, ‘Turn!Turn!Turn!’ evolves into a full-bodied soundscape that keeps the party-starter vibes high throughout, presenting a track that has all it takes to become a certified hit.  

So, as it appears hard-hitting, both in sonic arrangement and lyrical content, ‘Turn!Turn!Turn!’ is no doubt an unmissable listen, coming as an exemplary display of Markus Schulz’s talent for creating infectious productions and Sir Ivan’s affinity with bringing meaning into the music of Electronic Music.    

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