Explore the darker side of Mondays with ONYX


Explore the darker side of Mondays with ONYX

A wise man once said: “out of darkness there comes light”, and it was upon this very tenet that ONYX was born.

As the last of Space’s ‘7 wonders’ to be announced, in the concluding season at the world’s best club, ONYX joins the weekly madness to explore the darker sides of Mondays, with a techno centric artistic programme designed to promote an inimitable new experience in the portentous club of Platja d'en Bossa.

Assuming the helm on both the Main Terrace and Sunset Terrace, the 12 week series will be delivered in association with Mixmag, each and every Monday from 27th June through to 12th September. This exciting new explorative concept has all the hallmarks of a production best suited to the stoned walls of the world’s most iconic clubbing institution: Space Ibiza, and is bound to appease the swarms of techno aficionados descending upon the island this summer.

Commissioned by the Russian DJ/Producer Mikaela, and curated by her experienced team of creative purveyors, revellers can expect a refined programme of high-octane, Berlin inspired techno, permeated with a few contrasting anomalies.

Given that at the end of 2016 the Space that we all know and love will close its doors, they must have good reason to invite ONYX onto their legendary terraces, and become a part of their illustrious 27-year history…

The first wave of artists that will join Mikaela at Space this summer will be announced on Monday 25th April. So all that’s left to say for now, is watch this Space…

1.- A semi precious gemstone, made-up of a variety of chalcedony with straight parallel bands of alternating black and white colors.
2.- Black, especially a pure or jet black.
3.- Mondays at Space Ibiza.

Explore the darker side of Mondays