Artefakt - Far and Wide EP


Artefakt - Far and Wide EP

Dutch duo Artefakt launch their own imprint entitled De Stijl this February, initially with their own ‘Far and Wide EP’ with follow up appearances from Rhine and Cyspe.

Robin Koek and Nick Lapien have become highly respected for their melancholic music since coming together in 2012, releasing on labels like Konstrukt, Deep Sound Channel, Field Records, as well as numerous appearances on Delsin, which played host to their lauded seminal album ‘Kinship’.

'De Stijl' is the brainchild of Artefakt and delivers a fertile ground for further exploration of their sound, as well as providing a home to affiliated projects and close friends. Firstly, the label will release a versatile four track release from Artefakt called ‘Far and Wide EP’ in February, followed by an outing from Rhine in June entitled ‘Slaapstad EP’ and concluding the year with Cyspe's ‘Unidentify Yourself EP’ in October.

“Through curation of both music and the visual aspect we want to provide our audience with a new entry point to our work. We will use the label to explore some elements of our sound in more depth and also feature affiliated projects and organize events within the scope of the label.” – Artefakt

Pitter-patter drums open ‘Far and Wide’ whilst soaring pads join scintillating synths and a medley of subtle effects. With its rumbling percussion, murky bass and tantalising melody, ‘Ghost in the Machine’ takes things into darker territories before ‘Crystal Confessions’ employs a hypnotising aesthetic built on a syncopated rhythm and heavenly chords. Finally, the electro inspired ‘Levity’ concludes matters with a meandering bassline and wistful sequences.

Artefakt ‘Far and Wide’ drops on De Stijl on 18th February 2019.