Patrick Hagenaar - Feel So Good


Patrick Hagenaar - Feel So Good

One of the talented group of fast-rising DJ/producers hailing from Holland, Patrick Hagenaar exercises his right to fill dancefloors across the globe with his latest effort. ‘Feel So Good’ is his debut release with Zulu Records, a label renowned for their feel-good party beats, and they deliver yet again. Hagenaar has proved his worth in the form of a five-year residency at Ministry of Sound, not to mention his incredible production work on “Live Forever” and “Happy Vibes.”
Already gaining spins from Don Diablo, Futuristic Polar Bears and Tiesto, the track is already making its way through the DJ circuit.

With a bass as heavy as the buckets of sweat that pooled on the Hacienda dance floor, 'Feel So Good' will reignite the lost love of piano and violin harmonies that we once knew in the 90’s. Lashings of vintage vocals and monsterous drops throughout, the sheer energy of this one will have you dancing all night long.

Patrick Hagenaar exploits his cutting edge approach to producing. Old school chimes have a rather steamy relationship with innovative synths throughout, the two complimenting each other in unison and style. Make no mistake, ‘Feel So Good’ is a dead cert to climb up charts all over the place.

It’s production, groove and over all good time feel, will see the release slotting nicely in sets around the world. It’s house music at its best, and it’s here to stay.
Patrick Hagenaar
Zulu Records