Ferreck Dawn & Todd Terry – Get On Down [Insomniac Records]

Ferreck Dawn & Todd Terry – Get On Down [Insomniac Records]

Dutch stalwart Ferreck Dawn connects with the legendary Todd Terry on their debut release with Insomniac Records, an instant jackin’ masterpiece featuring a stone-cold vocal sample, crafted into an anthem by the name of “Get on Down.” 

The new single demonstrates how much visceral power a simple, yet effective, vocal sample can make an impact in house music. However, it’s the skilled fashion in which these two masters at work engage their soulful topline that makes “Get on Down” something special. Brimming with vintage house appeal, Dawn and Terry introduce snippets of their sample during the introduction, before they slam right into its classic strutting groove, which signals their collaboration as one that is prepped and primed for peak-time deployment.

Get On Down” is locked down by a throbbing bassline that slams enough to shake the four walls of any club, though its vocal sample is slowly unraveled across several stages, before a longform break in the single’s middle act eventually sees it unveiled in all its glory. Ratcheting up the tension with drumrolls during the buildup, the drop sees this mighty pairing release the reins and let the vocal really do its thing as Get on Down rollicks towards its bustling conclusion.

Ferreck Dawn says the new single began its life based on the strength of the vocal sample alone, though over time, evolved into a full-blown collaborative effort once Todd Terry came onboard.

“I came across the vocal sample, and straightaway I really liked the old-school disco vibes of it. I felt that it needed a driving beat and a big break with a long build up. I worked on it for a while, and then sent it to Todd Terry to see how he felt. He loved it, worked on it, and that’s how we finished the track.”

Ferreck Dawn says the single’s release represents a special occasion for several reasons:  “I’m very excited for my debut release on Insomniac Records,” he says. “I’ve been a fan of the label already for the past few years, and I really like the releases, so I’m very happy to now be part of the label. I’m honored to be collaborating with house music royal Todd Terry on this one! I’ve been playing ‘Get on Down’ everywhere, and the response has just been amazing, so I can’t wait for the release!”

“I have been a fan of Ferreck’s production for some time,” adds Todd Terry. “It was great working with him on this release.” 

Dutch phenom Ferreck Dawn has been grinding in the house scene for more than 20 years, crafting dancefloor-focused grooves drenched in soul, melody, and tightly woven drum work. NYC living legend Toddy Terry has been a guiding light for the global house movement, as a Grammy-nominated producer/remixer at the helm of the genre long before the turn of the millennium. With the perfect mixture of soul and sonic harmony, “Get on Down” is a club-pleasing track that takes cues from the old-school playbook while keeping its footwork pointed toward the future.



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