Ferry Corsten leads a progressive house ‘Mind Trip’

Ferry Corsten leads a progressive house ‘Mind Trip’

Music serves as the interface between reality and conscious souls in a world of distraction and disillusion. A sensation known all too well by Dutch DJ and producer Ferry Corsten who guides us through a hypnotic ‘Mind Trip’ in his latest musical offering.


Channelling a warehouse-ready stature, ‘Mind Trip’ derives from the depths of Ferry Corsten’s creative mind. Enter; a narcotic-like, hyper-charged progressive house sequence — dark synthetic keys cut like lasers and intricate electro patterns zone in and out of focus. A computerised monologue depicts the profound impact of a mind trip heading for an altered state of consciousness, precisely where a crowd of ravers can expect to be transported to as the melodic builds hit overdrive.

Following on from single ‘Connect,’ ‘Mind Trip’ is the second instalment of Ferry Corsten’s anticipated studio album to drop in 2024. A figurehead in the dance music industry, Ferry Corsten’s forward-thinking sound design and innate connection to the outside world through the power of music are set to form critical pillars in the body of work that awaits.


In the meantime, Ferry Corsten launches a new segment under his ever-popular weekly Resonation Radio show called Connect to get closer to the man himself and become part of the journey. Here, Ferry invites fans to get involved by sharing your messages, shoutouts, and even video messages. You can become part of the show simply by reaching out via the official Instagram page @resonationradio.

Ferry Corsten ‘Mind Trip’ is out now on Flashover Recordings.



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