FiNE drop South African Afro Release ‘Kidonda’

FiNE drop South African Afro Release ‘Kidonda’

Up-and-coming Afro House experts FiNE have dropped their new single ‘Kidonda’ March 1st – guaranteed to be a success. What better way to celebrate the launch of their very own label, Sippy Time than with a highly promising Afro House Hit that will spread good vibes on dancefloors all around the world throughout 2024.

‘Kidonda’s’ emotional sonic framework is constructed of an ethereal piano progression and euphoric synths that vibrates with radiant energy. Resting effortlessly on top are Idd Aziz’s soulful vocals, a mix of Rabai and Kishwahili elements. They spread an emotional warmth throughout “Kidonda” that is safe to spread to audiences, carrying its message of love and healing.

Taking ‘Kidonda’ to even greater heights is South Africa’s Enoo Napa, who provides an intricate reiteration of the single, set to follow March 15th.

‘Kidonda’ is out now on all major streaming platforms. The Remix by Enoo Napa follows March 15th, so mark your calendars.



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