Davina Moss - FinePlay


Davina Moss - FinePlay

Davina Moss seems to be on a roll right now. Having made a big mark with releases on labels like Hot Creations and Do Not Sleep, the artist now steps out with three more slamming jams that are sure to make their way into plenty of DJ bags and clubs this summer.

Always Missing is my pick – it has big rambunctious drums and low sling bass that pulls you in over and over again. The percussion is crisp and airy and the whole thing never lets up. For more slamming drums and physical grooves that make you sweat, check 4U, with its male spoken word vocal, amped up chords and general air of cool. Completing the picture is FinePlay, the darker and more edgy tune with paranoid chords that step up and down the scale and take you with them. It’s a very contemporary house tune that closes out a great EP.

Davina Moss FinePlay is out now, grab it here: https://www.beatport.com/release/fineplay/2069275

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