Bradley James - Fire


Bradley James - Fire

Staffordshire based DJ and producer Bradley James is quickly becoming one of the most interesting up-and-coming figures within the current Dance music scene. Having been the mastermind behind top-notch projects such as : ‘Visionary EP’, ‘Groseille Remix’, ‘Caiman’, ‘Amnesia / Taipan’, ‘Charger’, ‘Lynch’, ‘Infinity’ and ‘Breakthrough’, Bradley James is now following up with his latest banger ‘Fire’.

Out now, ‘Fire’ is a free track celebrating Bradley James’ 20th birthday – a gift to his fans for their constant support over the years. Having started out with his debut single ‘Charger’, released via Matchbox Recordings, Bradley James has later put himself in the spotlight by signing a deal with Treatment and getting on BBC Introducing’s radar within the first year of his career. He is now continuing his successful streak with his newest wonder ‘Fire’, which is now available as a free download.

‘Fire’ is seeking to continue Bradley James’ ascension and certainly has all the credentials to do so. A solid kick and an infectious, clean, synth melody quickly set the pace for what’s to come, whilst building up momentum with a remarkable control on dynamics. A euphoric, lead-synth melody takes centre stage, un-disturbed by the rhythmic elements, before a thumping groove is added to take things to the next level. Bradley James adds spicy elements such as the off-beat Hi-hat pattern and an array of effects to give an increased punch to the track. Throughout the production, the talented producer offers a diverse range of variations on the main theme making use of sound changes and altering of dynamic and energy levels, whilst adding diverse processing such as phasing. The single ends with a subby, beat-led section, offering a mellower conclusion.

Whilst you can now enjoy ‘Fire’ and download it for free, Bradley James is already devising his next release which will be hitting the shelves in November – keep an eye out for updates.