Flourishing Alaskan Artist Shamil Drops an Ode to Abundance with Bouncy Hip Hop Track ‘Large Amounts’

Flourishing Alaskan Artist Shamil Drops an Ode to Abundance with Bouncy Hip Hop Track ‘Large Amounts’

Exciting Alaskan artist Shamil enters 2023 on a new trajectory with the release of bouncy hip hop track ‘Large Amounts’. The track sees Shamil embodying supreme confidence with vibrant vocal delivery atop an energetic beat, not dissimilar from the sounds of US rapper, Russ. 

This new single is far cry from his typical atmospheric, R&B hitters that saw him draw comparisons to the likes of The Weeknd and PARTYNEXTDOOR these past few years. Now the burgeoning artist – who was scouted by Bronz of 13 Life, most notably credited with the discovery of Post Malone – continues to push the boundaries of his own discography, showcasing just how versatile and undeniably talented he is.

‘Large Amounts’ is an upbeat hip hop cut which on the surface appears like any other rap track referencing cash. But in fact, there’s a more profound meaning – Shamil is referring to abundance in all its wonderous forms.

Speaking on this, Shamil states: “Large Amounts is a freestyle I did that most people will hear and think I’m talking about money, but it’s actually deeper – I’m talking about abundance. Health, wealth, knowledge, wisdom and love. I need all that stuff in Large Amounts.”

Originally intended as a just freestyle for his new online video series Lets Stay Home, the release of ‘Large Amounts’ is a response to the video garnering a great deal of attention, racking up just shy of 50K views on YouTube and a total of 100K on all social platforms in just 5 days – subsequently pushing the artist to drop the official track, to fans excitement.

Marking his entry into the new year, ‘Large Amounts’ shows Shamil starting has he means to go on, confidently, assured and ready to hone is craft. With a slew of releases coming this year, we suggest you keep your eyes on this Alaskan talent.

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