Flower Power at Destino!


Flower Power at Destino!

The Big Annual Firework Show of San Ciriaco this year in collaboration with Flower Power at Destino

This year, the best possible views for the famous firework show of San Ciriaco, together with dancing to the legendary 60s music of Flower Power will be at Destino Ibiza. Totally open air, this is the go-to spot to celebrate this year the local Fiestas de la Tierra on the 8th August from 6pm.

For the first time in 34 years, Flower Power takes a vacation from its standard venue in Ibiza and makes a cameo appearance at Destino. What makes this an extra-special date for Ibiza is the fact that this is San Ciriaco Day! A classic Ibiza tradition, the annual firework show can be viewed from an incredibly privileged position from the cliffs of Cap Martinet, at the beautiful location that is Destino.

Destino offers unrestricted panoramic views over the bay of Talamanca, so you are guaranteed front row seats of the show. In addition, the festival at Destino will include artistic entertainment and colourful surprises such as the world-famous Las Dalias hippie market and a special menu created for our guests.

And because it’s a very special day for Ibiza, residents are invited to Flower Power party (free entry) until 8pm hours.

With no dress-code, just smile like never before and dance from the soul: Flower Power Sant Ciriaco at Destino!