FOVOS Take on Masked Wolf’s ‘Butterflies & Bandaids’ in New Remix

FOVOS Take on Masked Wolf’s ‘Butterflies & Bandaids’ in New Remix

FOVOS step up as Masked Wolf calls on the emerging New Zealand duo for an official remix of his 2022 hit ‘Butterflies & Bandaids’ on Teamwrk Records.

Australian musician Masked Wolf became a global name after the viral success ofhis 2021 smash hit‘Astronaut in the Ocean’which accumulatedover 1 billion streamson Spotify alone.Debuting as a moody hip-hop track, ‘Butterflies & Bandaids’ boasts Masked Wolf’s quintessential raspy vocals on hard-hitting introspective lyrics. Now in the hands of FOVOS, the duo edge away from their signature blend of techno and tech house influences to create a fast-paced, gritty, drum ‘n’ bass dancefloor banger.

A vigorous momentum carries throughout thanks to the feisty kick and electrocharged synths under Masked Wolf’svocal lead. However, the frenzied energy inflicted with each drop exemplifies FOVOS’sprowess forproduction. Both drops build up to their stylistic identity, with the first leaning into escalated D&B swagger and the second introducing a dominant drum beat unleashed at full force.

FOVOS commented:“It’s absolutely crazy to land a remix this big! We’re so stoked to try something different and put out some heavy drum ‘n’ bass rather than house and techno.”

Masked Wolf –‘Butterflies & Bandaids (FOVOS Remix)’ is out on 27th January 2023, via Teamwrk Records!



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