Frankyeffe ‘Skin’ ft. BRUNA

Frankyeffe ‘Skin’ ft. BRUNA

Today sees prolific Rome-based selector and label owner, Frankyeffe release his brand-new single, ‘Skin’ ft. BRUNA via his own Riot Recordings imprint.

Continuing his hot streak of 2020 releases, Italian techno typhoon, Frankyeffe returns with yet another essential addition to his ever-expanding catalogue. A little under two months after his pounding Rave Alarm EP, he’s back with his mammoth new single, ‘Skin’ featuring German DJ/vocalist and previous Riot Recordings collaborator, BRUNA. Rapidly gaining the attention and respect of the wider dance community, Frankyeffe has previously featured on the likes of Senso Sounds, JAM, We Are The Brave, Filth On Acid, Tronic, Kraftek and Terminal M.

Offering up an ample feast of powerhouse production, ‘Skin’ arrives as striking showpiece for Frankyeffe’s domineering approach to dance music. Clocking in at 7 minutes 39 seconds, its ascending atmospherics and pounding bassline is impenetrably dense, the track’s percussive groove also intricately punctuated by laser-synth interludes. BRUNA provides hypnotic vocals throughout; her cryptic narration is all-encompassing and immersive beneath ‘Skin’s’ cavernous exterior.



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