Frits Wentink – Family Dinner EP


Frits Wentink – Family Dinner EP

Heist #5 brings you the trademark Frits Wentink sound we’ve come to love through his recent output on Wolf, 2020Vision and Wolfskuil; catchy synth loops, distorted bass and some funky-ass grooves.

With ‘Shrewd’, he throws in a few sexy female vocal snippets and a lovely arp, while ‘Ligament’ flows along on a rough kick, an equally gritty vocal and a driving portamented pad that filters in and out.

‘Sauce’ features Dutch singer Loes Jongerling and makes for a wonderful combination with her silky soft voice and Frits’ warehouse style percussion.  ‘If I Was To Gravy You’ follows up on with the same rawness in the beats and a lovely sample that you’d love the girl next to you to whisper in your ear time after time: “I like it like that baby”…

Frits Wentink’s ‘Family Dinner EP’ is released on vinyl and digitally on 7th July