Various Artists - Full Cycle Retrospective Volume Two


Various Artists - Full Cycle Retrospective Volume Two

Full Cycle Records have released Volume Two of their ‘Retrospective’ compilation series. ‘Full Cycle Retrospective Volume Two’ is available now and features a selection of classics from the label’s back catalogue (including many digital exclusives).

The 12 track collection includes releases from Roni (‘Sorry For You’, ‘Snapshot 3’, and ‘No Pictures’) plus his collaborations with DJ Die (‘Impact Music’), and Krust (‘Hopscotch’). Elsewhere, the album features Krust’s ‘Kloakin King’, Scorpio’s ‘Turndance’, Surge’s ‘Sunrise’, 3 Way’s ‘The Price Of Fame’, D Product’s ‘Mandolin’, Tali’s ‘High Hopes (All Over Now)’, and J Raq’s ‘Digitise’.

2016 saw the rebirth of Roni and Krust’s legendary label, and, in addition to the first volume of this series, Full Cycle has so far released singles from Total Recall with ‘Repeating History’/’Planet Earth’, Need For Mirrors’ ‘Hurts EP’, D Product’s ‘The Chronos Circuit EP’, and Roni Size and DJ Krust’s 4 track ‘Past & Present EP’, which featured two new productions from Roni (‘Rock The Boat’ and ‘Whistleblower’), a re-release of Krust’s ‘Kloakin Device’ (availability digitally for the first time) and a brand new remix of ‘Kloakin Device’ from Fracture.

Further Full Cycles releases are in the pipeline for 2017, including unreleased material, new remixes of classic tracks, and more of the catalogue being made available digitally for the first time.

Full Cycle Records was born in 1994 (previously known as Roni and Krust’s Full Circle Records), and quickly became one of the most important jungle – and then drum & bass – labels of the early ‘90’s and beyond. The Bristol-based label issued now classic releases from the likes of Size, Krust, Die, Suv, D Product, Flynn & Flora, and beyond, before closing in 2009.


1             Turndance                                          Scorpio
2             Sorry For You                               Roni Size
3             Snapshot 3                                   Roni Size
4             Sunrise                                                      Surge
5             Kloakin King                                             Krust
6             The Price of Fame                                   3 Way
7             Impact Music                                     Roni Size, DJ Die
8             No Pictures                                   Roni Size
9             Mandolin                                                    D Product
10           High Hopes (All Over Now)                   Tali
11           Hopscotch                                                Roni Size, Krust
12           Digitise                                                      J Raq