Fundamental Harmonics – Almagest EP


Fundamental Harmonics – Almagest EP

Almagest, originally the name of Ptolemee’s treatise on the motion of stars and planetary paths, a cornerstone of mathematics and astronomy from the 2nd century.

Here the 1st track Bamboo Leaves actually refers to the one it nourishes: the Panda. It’s a great bear.
So yes got it, the track just brings us to Ursa Major, the Great Bear, well known constellation. The track is warm, welcoming, housy and emotional.

“Dubhe” is a an important star composing the Great Bear, it’s one of the “pointers”, indicating Polaris the north star. Invaluably helpful for mankind since centuries. This track has an irresistible joyful feeling and a middle-east sounding gimmick, evocating the arabic root of the name “Dubhe”.

Finally “Almagest” pushes us more into the core of the constellation. The beat turns techno, hypnotic and a spacey melody builds-up the mood. An enigmatic, magnetic and pulsating vibe that definitely kicks us into another gravitational level.

Till the next EP!
This is Lepton Quark transmission 009, enjoy!!