KSO x Jaikea - Gangster [VIP DnB Remix]


KSO x Jaikea - Gangster [VIP DnB Remix]

Kissy Sell Out is a producer known for his polished studio output and the intricate layers that weave through his releases, a talent that has continually made his music stand out from the crowd. 2018 has seen him serve up yet another killer album that has been clearly crafted with utter dedication and has gone on to receive rave reviews.

One of the most talked about tracks has been ‘Gangster’, a production created alongside UK Bass artist, Jaikea. The original sits firmly within the influences of bassline, a sound that has been exciting Kissy and inspiring him but also enveloping his love for all things bass. Within the album Kissy also draws on signatures from drum & bass as well as old skool jungle, genres that have shaped his own sound today.

This is where the VIP DnB remix of ‘Gangster’ came to life. Pushing the fluidity a little further, almost creating a homage to a state of mind in music which has been the cornerstone to many an idea in Kissy’s studio in the last 12 years.

 To build a track like this requires an immense amount of skill, to be able to balance each element to end in a complete picture rather than resulting in a confusing collection of beats and samples, is a talent Kissy has by the bucket load. He’s selected every drum, kick, percussion and vocal deliberately and carefully, stepping back through decades of devotion to absorbing it all and banking each inspiration to be drawn on in future.

The energy the track provides is the fuel it takes for a dancefloor to stay alive, although a finished product many might be surprised to see coming out of the KSO studio if you’re yet to listen to the new album, it is undoubtedly entirely graffitied with Kissy’s tag meaning that there is no mistaking which master is behind this remix.

Buy the full album – https://www.beatport.com/release/style-from-the-westside/2340222