Get Ready To Dance With Enrose’s New Track “My Happiness”

Get Ready To Dance With Enrose’s New Track “My Happiness”

Get ready to dive into the fierce, energetic sound of Enrose with their latest single, “My Happiness”. This track is a powerful blend of rock, alternative rock, soul rock, pop rock, and indie rock, driven by a heavy saxophone chorus, soulful vocals, and a big synth solo. Enrose’s unique sound is reminiscent of 90s/early 2000s MTV unplugged sessions, yet it feels fresh and contemporary.

“My Happiness” is all about self-reflection and empowerment, urging listeners to take charge of their own happiness. The accompanying music video, featuring Gabi Rose surrounded by mirrors, visually encapsulates this message. With influences from Paramore, P!NK, and Muse, Enrose crafts a nostalgic yet novel auditory experience.

Join Gabi Rose, Kit Benz, Jake Navarro, Valerio Fluido, and Nick Cabrera on this transformative musical journey. Don’t miss out on this anthem of self-reliance and emotional depth. Listen below and watch the video now!



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